One good way to use the Recommended Library here is to build yourself a five-book, one-year reading and action plan from it.

Start with How to Get out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously (if debt is any kind of problem or source of discomfort for you) and use that as your foundation book.  If debt isn’t much a problem for you, then pick another book from the list, the one that speaks the most directly to you, and use it as your foundation book.

Then study the list a bit more and pick four more books from it that you think are appropriate and that would be the most helpful to you.

Then get all five books in this personal library.

Rank your foundation book first, then list the remaining four in whatever order seems to you the most logical or beneficial.

Then: work with this five-book program of transformation for bettering both your life and your experience of it over the coming twelve months.  If you actually do that, you can’t help but finish the period happier and more prosperous than you were when you started—and very possibly considerably so.

You won’t suffer anything new for not doing this, or lose anything more than you might have lost otherwise (if indeed you would have lost anything), but you’ll certainly see some very tangible and welcome gains for yourself if you do.