I made a post back on July 4th that I considered a no-brainer—correlating Independence Day with freedom from debt—and here’s another one, albeit a week after the fact, that I consider the same.

Thanksgiving.  Well, the obvious:  In addition to everything else I have to be thankful for and which I like everyone else too often fail to be actively conscious of, from my two sons to the skylight at the top of the stairs of the modest duplex in Greenwich Village in which I live, down to the very fact that I am alive (what are the odds of that having happened in the vastness of the Universe?), I’m thankful that I don’t have a penny’s worth of unsecured debt in my life.

Fact, not even a penny’s worth of secured debt either. (Not that I object to secured debt—e.g. a mortgage or a car loan—although you can get into trouble with those too, but rather that I just don’t happen to have any of that at the moment.)

I don’t owe a dollar to anyone.

Remarkable.  And what a truly lovely way to live.

And I am thankful for that.