Echo in a Dark Wind

Echo in a Dark Wind
Series: Other Fiction, Book 0
Genre: Fiction
ASIN: 0451052986
ISBN: 9780451052988
Her beauty is a magnet for love--and evil.
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About the Book

Her beauty is a magnet for love–and evil.

Young, successful interior decorator Angela Craymore has come to Castle Morgan on an assignment to transform its ancient glories into a twentieth-century tourist resort. But no sooner has she entered its brooding battlements than she finds herself the focus of strange passions and a malevolent pattern of events.

Is it love that seeks to embrace her beauty? Or is it madness and violent death? Desperately, Angela struggles to retain sanity and life itself in the face of a spectral evil that stalks her through the echoing corridors of this legend-haunted Welsh fortress.

Julia Withers’ Echo in a Dark Wind is a masterful evocation of horror and suspense. It is a worthy addition to the new series of Signet Gothic Novels, which include Susan Claudia’s Madness at the Castle and Monica heath’s Falconlough.

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