Series: Shame & Glory Saga, Book 2
Genre: Fiction
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About the Book

A Washington Post Bestseller

Shattered by the forces of unrest and upheaval that preceded the Civil War, the Ackerly Plantation is caught up in a frenzy of violence, cruelty, and hatred.

Here is the brutal reality of slavery–of men and women sold at auction–of young girls forced to gratify their master’s lust–of slaves tortured until their only remaining instinct is to strike back . . . to kill.

And the throbbing passions that bind master to slave just as powerfully as slave to master.

Delia: Devoted young mother and wife, with no rights but those of a slave–to lose her child in a heartless accident, and to flee her husband to flee her master’s lust.

Jud: Delia’s husband. He dared to love her with the fullness of his being. But one of the wealthy well-bred ladies of the plantation wanted him for her personal pleasure.

And Samuel Ackerly, lord of all he surveys, wandering lonely and in pain through the slave quarters at night looking for someone to talk to . . . while Amanda, his wife, reigns in the Great House intent on overthrowing him in favor of her son, Richard. Richard, the destroyed and the destroyer, the bringer of horror.

And many more.

In this hard-hitting second volume of his epic, sweeping Shame and Glory Saga, Jerrold Mundis reveals with savage realism the depravity and degeneration of the final days of slavery in the Deep South in a shocking and unforgettable novel.


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