The Retreat

The Retreat
Series: Other Fiction, Book 0
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781465835987
It's a new experience in salvation--one you will never forget...
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About the Book

It’s a new experience in salvation–one you will never forget…

On the eve of a Retreat, a very specialized gathering held only once every few years at the Adirondack monastery of Saint Hector’s, Abbot Giles has died. The brothers of this secret 800-year-old order, which lines back to the time of the Crusades, need to elect a new shepherd and guide for themselves.

One who can withstand all that is about to come.

For the Retreat is imminent, and violence and salvation will not wait.

Arriving soon among the retreatants–the penitents, as they will soon learn they are–are a Mafia don, a Hollywood mogul, a Chicago pimp, a brutal Miami cop, and an international terrorist for hire. . . . all of them evil, passionate lovers of physical, sexual, and psychological violence.

But once inside the thick walls of the monastery, within the Retreat, they will be taught the error of their ways. For it is the calling of the good, strong brothers of St. Hector to cleanse the violent of their sins–again and again and again.

“Striking and bizarre . . . not for the squeamish or devout.”
–Publishers Weekly

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