Consulting and Speaking

Jerry does private consulting by telephone with individuals across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries, and speaks for corporations, institutions, and organizations.

Fees available upon request.


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If you have questions about the writing process, don’t know where to start or how to continue, or would like to talk over anything else related to your work with a deeply experienced and highly praised writer who is also a compassionate and veteran teacher, I can help.

I can do more than help: I can make the difference for you.

Debt, Underearning, and Compulsive Spending

I work with people on recovery from debt, underearning, and compulsive spending – toward coming to live happily and healthily with money, free of distress, discomfort, fear, or frustration around it, to live prosperously.

Corporations, Institutions, and Organizations

I also give seminars and lead workshops for corporations, institutions, and organizations, and have done so for the U.S. Tobacco Company, the United States Customs Service, the State of Alabama, the National Education Association, the International Association of Administrative Professionals, and others.


For additional information, contact me.