This one is kind of a no-brainer.  I haven’t owed a dime to anybody, for anything, for years. What an astonishing pleasure, and how enormous a freedom that is!  My own independence, my own revolution, began when I stopped incurring unsecured debt one day at a time—in any way, in any amount, for any reason.

That was 27 years ago last March.

And I’ve never looked back since, never regretted a day of that.  Even when it was terrifying and unbelievably difficult.

It simply would have been worse if I had elected to go deeper into debt (in the days when I was still carrying some) or to have gone in anew once I was out—and started the whole same sad story all over again.

And the reward for having walked that path, even when it was hard—damn hard, in fact—and painful, have been wonderful, extraordinary actually.  Far  beyond the capacities of anyone who is still out there debting, I think, even to imagine.

Happy Independence Day.  To me, you, and anyone else who stops incurring new unsecured debt and begins to turn his or her life around, to get free, truly free.

It’s a wonderful thing.