So, I have a new 12,000-word  novelette (38 pages long) in this anthology – Dark City Lights – called “Chloe.”  About  a 2600-year-old Etruscan goddess who lives beneath the streets of Manhattan. It’s a love story.

There are 22 other writers here, contributing 20 brand-new stories. Two more have seen print before, one by the legendary multiply-celebrated editor of the anthology, Lawrence Block, the other by science-fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg.

There are some truly great stories here, all of them having in common that they’re set in New York City – but that’s where their commonality ends. Each is unique.

I and 16 of the other writers will be getting together at the Mysterious Book Shop down on Warren Street here in the city tomorrow night, Thursday May 7, to celebrate the book’s launch at an open party. (Details below in the graphics.) You’re all invited to join us, if you live in the city. (Well, the rest of you are invited, too, but for some that would mean a 6,000-mile round trip, a bit much even for the most zealous fan and supporter, I think.)

You can read a quote from each of the stories on Pinterest if you’d like at:

And, I’m happy to relate, you can order the book in either print or ebook form from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and every other major vendor.

If you’re in town and free tomorrow night, it’d be great to see you. (And I have no doubt that the 16 other writers who’ll be there would be variously happy that you showed up,  too.)