We’ve had a lot of snow here in the city this month. It’s caused some problems with transportation, gotten the mayor and the city administration into trouble (they fell on their faces digging us out from the big blizzard in the beginning of the month), and also prettied the city up while it was falling and for the first twelve to twenty-four hours afterward.

Me, I tend to like it as long as I don’t have to get out and about anywhere. It quiets the city. It’s muffled and still here in my writing room at the moment, as snow is falling in big flakes, festooning the leaves of the truly big magnolia tree – it’s nearly five stories tall – outside the south-facing windows of the room, in the courtyard.

There’s also a black iron set of fire-escape stairs outside one window, and I like the way the snow looks against the black and lays itself out on the stairs and strips as it builds up on them. Here’s a shot of that.

 Nice, peaceful at the moment. Pretty soon, though, I’ll start hearing snow plows outside in the street. Still, peaceful at the moment.  And pleasant to look at.