You’re reading this, I’m writing it, and for right now—this instant, anyway—we’re both in the present moment.


And the site is launched.

And now that present moment is gone.

In Zen practice, meditation, there’s a phenomenon known as:  “Here I am! . . . wasn’t I.”

But the site is launched, and that remains.

For me, that’s cause to celebrate.  It’s been five months in the shaping.  I hope it will be cause for you to celebrate, too.  That it will do exactly what it intends to for you—help you get out of debt, stay out, and live prosperously.

That certainly made my own life better (to engage in really serious understatement).  It will yours too.

I put up a few posts along the way as I was developing the site.  I’ll be posting regularly here now that it’s officially launched.

I’m looking forward to more present moments.  For all of us.

To abundant lives.

Yours, mine.