Someone wrote me from another country last week, saying: “First of all, thank you for your book. It was a treasure for me. Five years ago I followed your method successfully but unfortunately now I am again to the same position.”  She continued on with other comments, expressed some fear and doubt, and asked a couple of questions.

Here is how I replied:

Dear [Name],

Thank you for your email and for your kind words about my work.  I’m glad it helped.

I’m sorry you now find yourself in difficult circumstances again.  The thing is, [Name], this has to become a way of life.  Otherwise, relapse is nearly always inevitable.  Me, I can’t afford to incur so much as dollar’s worth of new unsecured debt — in any way, for any reason.  Ever.  And I haven’t for nearly 28 years now, regardless of how trying circumstances were at times.

(Which has resulted in a vastly better, more humane, happier and satisfying life for me.)

You can indeed do this again, regardless of the financial crisis in [the country in which she lives]. While not as severe as things are there, they aren’t particularly good here either.  What’s important to know, no matter how hard it might be to comprehend at first, is that *all* economies are personal.  While the macro economy will definitely shade and influence how I do things, my own economy is indeed just that, my own economy.  It remains personal, and I can, and sometimes must, adapt, alter, and be innovative in what I do in response to changing contexts in order to sustain it in a healthy state.

Being freelance [as my correspondent is] presents its own unique set of challenges, but it also offers unique opportunities and freedoms not available to people with jobs or who are out of work and limited in the kind of employment that they can seek.

Still, for everyone, their economies are personal.

You might want to read my book Earn What You Deserve: How to Stop Underearning and Start Thriving for help with this.  That book has not been translated into [her native language] yet, but your English is actually very good, despite  your apprehensions about it, and I don’t think you would have any problem with the book.

You can find it here — in both print and Kindle ebook editions.

Thanks again.

I wish you every happiness and success.

Be well,