I was speaking a couple of days ago with my friend JW Manus (the eBook designer and formatter extraordinaire) about paperback science-fiction/fantasy covers of the mid-last century. (There was a reason for that, which I’ll get to in a couple of weeks.)

It looks so innocent...

It looks so innocent…

Anyway, Jaye said, “I loved those covers. I ate these kinds of stories up when I was younger. And you know, I still despise Mrs. Robertson in the third grade for confiscating my copy of GLORY ROAD because the cover was ‘smutty’ – and the cow never gave it back!”

I told Jaye I identified. My own confiscator was Brother Baldwin at St. Patrick’s High School in Chicago. I was a 14-year-old freshman. He noted a cluster of laughing and excited kids surrounding me at a lunch table, investigated, saw that I was showing them all illustrations and passages from the fairly new (and now) infamous book SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT by psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham (all about the hidden sexual images and content in the illustrations in popular horror and crime comics), which I had gotten out of the school library (no young fool I, I knew a promising title when I saw one) – and he promptly removed the book from me.

And it never reappeared in the school library, was gone forever.

“Maybe.” I said to Jaye, “Brother Baldwin finally quit the Christian Brothers and is now living in hilarious debauchery somewhere with a runaway Mrs. Robertson.”

One can only hope, reflecting on such matters.