The next best thing to having a dog is having THE DOG BOOK.

(The absolute best thing is having them both.)

Here’s the cover. Gorgeous, no?

Cover4_DogBook_060214 (2)


THE DOG BOOK is a treasure trove of fine writing – essays, memoirs, adventures, letters, portraits, pensées and recollections – by some the finest writers ever to know and love a dog.

Here you’ll find such naturalists, essayists, and belletrists as Doris Lessing, John Steinbeck, James Thurber, E.B. White, Edward Hoagland, John Muir, James Herriot, Maurice Maeterlinck, Elizabeth of the German Garden, Vance Bourjaily, and many more. 

They write of the dog – their dogs and others – in many ways, from shepherd, hunter and guard to friend and companion. Some of the selections are humorous, provocative or sad; some compelling, insightful or tense; others poignant, cheerful or exhilarating. 

If you live with a dog, have ever lived with one, or have even just known one or two that you’ve liked, then this almost certainly a book for you.

If I hadn’t had the joy of being the editor of this anthology, I’d be hastening out to buy it myself.

You can find the eBook here on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or here on iBooks.

If you get half as much pleasure out of reading it as I did out of putting it together, you’re in for very good time.