The thing I like best about my bathroom mirror is that every morning it shows me the exact source of all my problems and trouble.

I never have to wonder who’s to blame – or, more benignly phrased, who might be responsible – for any unhappiness or troubles I might have.

There he is, right there.

(And has been, ever since, at the very least, the day I became an adult – which the dictionary assures me that I am.)

I am grateful for that.

It is terrifically good news.

Since I am the problem, it means I don’t have to sit around and wait for the world, or society, or any other human being to change in order so that I can finally be whole, and healthy, and all right.

The only element in the entire world that needs to change for that is right there, in my mirror.

Since I am the problem, that means I am also the solution.


“The world is as we are,” goes an old Hindu expression.

Which is to say that if I wish to change my experience of the world, then I must change myself.

I have found, particularly over the last quarter of a century, about the time it’s been since I last incurred an unsecured debt in any amount, this to be absolutely true.

I started the change by – just for one day – not going any deeper into debt. Easier said than done, of course, especially on some days rather than others, but how to do that is part of what the rest of this site is about, and I’ll be talking more about it right here on these pages as I – and maybe you with me – go rambling along.

I went forward with the change and in fact am still going forward with it, because there seems to be always some other small way in which I’d rather experience the world. Meditation, for example, and concentrated efforts to get to bed earlier. (Left to my on bio-inclinations, I’ll stay up all night and sleep most of the day.)

So that’s the thing I really appreciate and like best about my bathroom mirror: It identifies the source of all my problems, and the solution.