well, among other things, pick up my dark little short story “Christmas in Watson Hollow” for the holiday bargain price of only 99¢ for today and the next four. After that, it’ll go back up to its usual $2.99.

[Oops. Sorry, sale is over now. Maybe I’ll do it again next Christmas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up at its regular price right now if you’re of a mind to.]

xmas watson hollow cover

Delap’s F&SF Review wrote: “Religious satire is usually limited to pointing a finger at past mistakes. But Jerrold Mundis, bless his black little heart, adds a few future kinks of his own clever device, which should shake you till your eyeballs spin.”

Publisher’s Weekly called it “a chilling little piece of work.”

I myself have always found it kind of merry.

You can find it for Kindle & Kindle Apps (for PC, iPad, Smartphones, and just about everything else except your toaster) right here.